Autumn Fairy

The bold, beautiful colors of autumn come alive with our Autumn Fairy! With hair as red as fall leaves and eyes as bright as a fire’s glow, she makes a frolic through the leaves extra magical. The Autumn Fairy is believed to change the colors of the leaves in the fall, and is considered to be one of the most generous season fairies.

Spring Fairy

She’s as pretty and full of life as a spring day! Our Spring Fairy is never without a smile on her lips and a song in her heart. With the power to turn winter into spring, the Spring Fairy always stays true to herself.

Violetta Fairy

Flitter-ific! Violeta Fairy is a feisty force of nature. The fastest of the fast-flying fairies, she makes breezes in the summer and blows down leaves in the fall. Watch out…she is a fierce competitor when it comes time for the Fairy Games.

Additional Princesses