Tinker Fairy

Sweet, sassy, fashionable and creative, Tinker Fairy is a tinker, meaning she is always fixing things. And even though her inventions don’t always work out, she is always there for her fairy friends!

Animal Fairy

Always ready for a fun and possibly dangerous adventure, this hard working fairy loves caring for her animal friends. She brings a spirit of joy, and happiness to all who meet her. Invite her to your next celebration and you’re sure have love and laughter!

High Seas Fairy

Shenanigans ensue when fairies and pirates mix! Curious, cunning, and determined to find out all that pixie dust is capable of, the High Seas Fairy gets herself into trouble. However, she does everything she can to make things right and returns home with her friends to be fully appreciated for her rare pixie dust talent.

Rose Fairy

Just like any garden fairy, Rose Fairy loves bringing beauty into the world. But don’t get dirt or mud on her dress! She is lovely, charismatic, fun and stylish.

Invite Peter Pan or Captain Hook and everyone will think they’ve landed in Neverland!

Additional Fairytale Characters