Maleficent’s Daughter

Invite this daring daughter to your next party and there will be spell casting, singing, and dancing to make even Maleficent green with envy! Invite her Bestie, the Evil Queen’s daughter and you are sure to have a WICKED party!

Evil Queen’s Daughter

Invite the fairest of them all to your next event! Fashion, flare, and fun are what inspire this rotten to the core villain! Go ahead and invite her bestie, Maleficent’s Daughter and you’re sure to create a wicked party all the little villains will be talking about!

Queen of Mean

Who’s ready for the meanest party EVER?!

Ursula’s Daughter

All hands-on DECK! This salty captain is ready to take over your party! Invite her or her evil friends for a villain party you would go overboard for!

Additional Princesses